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Caritas (kar-i-tas-) is a Latin word meaning "charity" or "love" of neighbor; Christian love of humankind.




Bringing Hope to Families in Need

At Caritas Family Assistance Network, we are dedicated to bringing together all available community resources to assist families in need. Our organizational structure ensures effective coordination of resources to help families within the FISD community overcome their challenges. We believe in promoting a community response to the needs of our FISD families and providing ongoing assistance through our community network program.

Our team is committed to making a difference in the lives of our community. We provide various services to help families overcome challenges and lead better lives. Our mission is to work with the community to provide hope, support, and guidance to those in need. 

Caritas Family Assistance Network is a non-profit volunteer organization with a Board that includes representatives of FISD, local service organizations, and community leaders. (501(c)(3) application pending approval by IRS.)

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